The Future Of Electric Equipment In The Construction Industry

The Future Of Electric Equipment In The Construction Industry

The future of electric equipment in the construction industry

Motoring has seen a well-publicised shift towards electricity, with electric cars now more popular than ever - and showing no signs of stopping. That same surge in technology and electric-focus has also begun in the construction industry, with a broad range of electric construction equipment now available.

What kind of equipment is available?

Electric construction equipment is now available in all sizes and forms. Whether it's smaller machinery like forklifts and loaders, right through to dump trucks and cranes. A push for electric adoption has meant batteries are more efficient than ever, making electric construction equipment a viable consideration.

What are the benefits of electric construction equipment?

Electric construction equipment has several key benefits to consider.

Improving energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for many developers. That means operating a fleet of electric construction equipment could have a key business benefit, giving your company the edge over a competitor when bidding for contracts with environmentally conscious developers.

Easy renewable fuelling

Another key benefit of electric machines is that it doesn't matter where the electric comes from, they will still work. So you can begin exploring various alternative renewable power sources, such as solar panels and wind. This can considerably reduce your operating costs, as you're fuelling your machines for free.

Relative simplicity of maintenance

Not having complicated engines to worry about considerably reduces the risk of breakdown and potentially lengthy downtime as a machine is being repaired. Electric construction equipment is massively simpler than its diesel counterparts, which means there are fewer parts to go wrong and need potentially costly repair.

Comparative silence of operation

Another major benefit is that electric equipment is much quieter. This can have many positive effects when it comes to working in areas that have noise restrictions. It also means equipment can be operated for longer without disrupting surrounding residents and businesses, and minimises ear damage to employees.

Embrace key changes ahead of time

Embracing electric construction equipment now is a compelling prospect because the technology has developed to the point of offering genuine utility to many in the construction industry. At the same time, it's still niche enough to allow your business a key market advantage when it comes to appealing to those with strong environmental concerns - this means that right now electric construction equipment is potentially a very wise investment.

There has never been a better time to consider electrifying your construction equipment