The World's Most Popular Bulldozer Brands

The World's Most Popular Bulldozer Brands

Kansas, 1923: A farmer and an industrial craftsman have pulled together the initial designs for what would soon become one of the most iconic pieces of construction machinery, the bulldozer. A century later, an impressive array of bulldozers are now on the market. They are ubiquitous on construction sites around the world, with different models suitable for digging and moving large amounts of soil or rubble, as well as specific applications in landscaping and mining.


Caterpillar is probably the most well-known bulldozer manufacturer in the world. In fact, they make a wide range of construction and mining equipment, which includes lots of small and large dozers designed for different purposes. The brand pride itself on speed and manoeuvrability, and is hugely popular on residential building sites, thanks to the versatility offered by all of their bulldozers. Their largest and most popular model is the Caterpillar D11, which weighs in at an impressive 92,767kg. It has 770 horsepower thanks to its a3508 V-8 diesel engine.

John Deere

John Deere is another extremely popular name in the construction industry, with a range of crawlers that have earned them their reputation as the producers of some of the highest quality bulldozers in the world. One of the latest models, the 1050K crawler boasts an innovative suspended double-bogie undercarriage, designed to provide a smooth ride over rocky surfaces. The brand's most lightweight option is the 450K. Weighing in at just 7,959kg, it is a speedy and versatile favourite for landscaping.


Based in South Africa, this company is perhaps best known for its dumpers and forestry equipment, with an inventive range of loggers, fellers, and timber trucks on offer. Further delve into their product list and you'll also find the 850J; a midweight, reliable and often under-rated bulldozer.


This Swedish brand specialises in mining equipment and offers a whole range of specialist bulldozers for working underground. One of their most popular machines is the LZ101LE dozer, which is battery-powered, to eliminate any harmful emissions whilst working in an enclosed mining environment.


Of course, no compilation of bulldozers would be complete without a mention of Komatsu. The Japanese company is behind some of the most popular bulldozers on the market, and most notably the D575A-3SD. This behemoth is the true king of the bulldozer world. Weighing in at over 150,000kg, it is thought to be the largest dozer available on the mass commercial market. Komatsu dozers tend to offer the dual functionality of a pushing blade at the front, and back claws - another reason they are so popular and versatile.

Find the right bulldozer for your needs by looking into some of these best-selling brands.


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