5 Benefits Of Buying Used Equipment

5 Benefits Of Buying Used Equipment

5 benefits of buying used equipment

When it comes to buying equipment, you have a key choice to make early on in the process - are you going to buy new or used? Buying used equipment has always been a popular choice, for many reasons. Here are five of those reasons you should consider.

1. Cost savings

The first consideration is that buying used equipment is much cheaper than buying it new. As soon as something is used, it automatically has less value than when it's brand new. Just because it's used, however, doesn't mean it's less reliable. In fact, a well-used machine that has been properly maintained may actually be even more reliable than a brand new one, and you won't need to take into account any running in periods that can eat into a machine's productivity.

2. No depreciation

All equipment depreciates, the same way cars, vans, and trucks do. The minute the first owner assumes their ownership, the piece of equipment has already depreciated considerably. The thing about depreciation is that the money is lost completely; there is no way to recoup it and there's no way of avoiding it. Buying used means someone else has already taken the hit for you.

3. Wide choice

Something else to consider about buying used equipment is the broad choice you have available to you. Whether you're looking for a generic or a specific piece of equipment, you might be surprised just how much choice is available. With several examples of machinery on offer, it gives you the freedom to make your choice based on price, condition, and history to find yourself the best deal.

4. Immediate delivery

When you buy new equipment, in many cases the equipment has to be ordered from the factory and shipped to you. This is especially true if you have specified the equipment yourself with customised options. With a used purchase, on the other hand, you're buying the machine you're looking at. As soon as it's paid for it can be delivered straight to you, usually within just a few days.

5. Environmental considerations

Another consideration, that many overlook, is the positive environmental impact of buying used equipment. The cycle of buying new equipment and then simply scrapping it is wasteful. When you buy used equipment, you're giving it a new lease of life, meaning that less brand new equipment has to be built. A longer equipment usage cycle can contribute positively to overall energy efficiency.

These reasons alone making purchasing used equipment something you should be seriously considering.