How To Stay Environmentally Conscious In The Construction Industry

How To Stay Environmentally Conscious In The Construction Industry

Recent years have highlighted climate change worries and how even the smallest of changes in both our work and personal lives can have a positive impact on the environment. Taking steps towards becoming a more eco-friendly construction company has multiple benefits, including meeting current and potential new regulations, attracting environmentally conscious customers and, of course, saving the planet. Here are some changes you can make towards creating a greener construction site.

Get on board with the latest tech

With the green energy sector booming, now is the time to invest in renewable energy sources. Not only will using wind or solar power reduce costs in the long run, but lessening the reliance on the grid will also help to lower your carbon footprint.

There have also been big leaps in insulation advancements. Traditional building insulation contains a number of toxins, so if you're looking to be more sustainable, opt for these new, natural and safe alternatives. Utilising materials such as discarded clothing and recycled cotton is actually sometimes a more cost-effective option too.

To cut down on your paper wastage, try moving some of your planning tools online. For instance, Building Information Modelling has turned construction planning on its head by offering a 3D virtual walkthrough plan, storing financial details and much more.

It doesn't even have to be big changes; just opting to buy locally sourced materials has a big impact. Be more fuel-efficient

Most sites use lots of big machinery, making fuel emissions one of the biggest obstacles to being more eco-friendly. Obviously, you can't go without, but if you are serious about reducing your company's impact on the planet, you could look at greener options. Energy-efficient or green-powered vehicles may be a big investment upfront, but it will place you as a leader of your industry and save money later down the line.

Start recycling

An inevitable part of any construction is a lot of waste, but it doesn't all have to go to landfill. Many of the by-products of a job, including concrete, plastic, lumber, flooring and household items can either be reused, recycled or upcycled. Look into eco-friendly waste management contractors who will be able to take care of all the sorting for you.

Certify your construction projects

To ensure that every member of your construction crew is continually upholding environmentally friendly practices, get certified. There are a number of certifications available from third parties that will make sure you are always meeting the latest eco-standards, so you'll never be left behind. This will also help to create a new forward-thinking culture in your workplace, forcing each employee to take accountability for their actions.

As we continue to develop new technologies and practices, there is almost always a more sustainable alternative to a current method. Start taking steps now to make a big change for the future.


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